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Bakery and Cake shop


We`re proud to show you our bakery products absolutely based on natural ingredients, made by traditional bakery methods. We bake them of naturally  soured flour during demanding hand process. This is multi phased production, which requires traditional stone slabs.



Partaking our bakery products guarantees you:
  • traditional, natural production process
  • taste od real silesian bread
  • long days natural freshness
  • healthy bread with large content of natural fibre
  • bread of "Zdrowa Żywnośc" (Healthy Food) group.
Thanks to our products, you will be able to get to your body required nutritional elements and ingredients, and assure energy for whole day.

Thanks to this baking method, our bakery products have natural unforgettable taste and  fIavour for long days. We can pride of 50 years tradition in baking, which is hand overing between generations keeping old routines and procedures.